The Minigun, a type of bullet weapon used by the Heavy class.

The Bullet Weapons are a type of weapons.

Type of weaponsEdit



-Sniper Rifles




-huntsman arrows (although they are projectiles, they are classified as bullet weapons by the game files)


The Bullet Based weapons are a type of weapons that use a hitscan algorithm (excluding non-explosive projectiles) to tell weather or not upon firing if the opponent one is facing takes damage. all bullet weapons, despite being able to "see" the bullets, travel instantly upon firing.

All of the bullet based weapons can be upgraded to

-shoot additional bullets per shot. The damage then is mutliplied

-reduce the spread effect.

Common special tweaks

- Higher fire rate against penalty spread

-Armor Piercing damage against ammo/fire rate penatlies

Pros and ConsEdit

Pros:-Combined with high firerate, multiple bullets per shot and damage, it can cause devastation in the enemy team

-SMG can be upgraded to get the critical effect after a kill to cause even more damage.

Cons:-The ammo consumption rate is drastically increased when upgrading fire rate (this can be countered by purchasing max ammo upgrade and clip size)

-If you decide to decrease the spread of the bullets, you will need to be prepared to have a good accuracy if you want to hit enemies from big distances.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite arrows being projectile weapons, they are considered bullet type weapons.