Cash System Edit

This page is about how the cash works in Uber Upgrades PvP and MvM, with their respective sections.

The Cash is a vital item in UberUpgrades, which allows you to upgrade your body or your weapons, so you can win for your team.

PvP Edit

In UU PvP, players have two forms of money. Red money, and Yellow money. Red money is your current balance, the amount you can spend for upgrades. Yellow money is your stored money, you cannot use your Yellow Money to upgrade. Your goal is to bring this money to the Resupply Locker, Control Points or a level 2 or 3 Dispenser. Resupply lockers will grant you your entire stash of yellow money, while control points and dispensers do this over time. Getting killed will cause you to drop all of your yellow money on the ground. Also, whenever you cash in your yellow money, everyone on your team gets it, but you specifically get a 10% bonus.

MvM Edit

Mann Vs. Machine uses a much different system. In this gamemode, players have a thing called Cash Flow. Every 20 seconds, this cash flow rises by 20$, and gives you this amount of money over time. However, if a team achieves the A+ bonus, their cash flow is permanently increased by 5 percent. One is still able to collect normal money however, so do not forget to pick up your share of money on the ground.