Many of you may be wondering how do I make a UberUpgrades Server? well I am here to answer this question Edit

To start off by downloading a Tf2 server here

  1. Install UberUpgrades from
  2. place the smx in plugins into sourcemods/plugins
  3. place the Txts in sourcemods/configs
  4. place the Phrase inside of translations to sourcemods/translations
  5. place the things inside de to de, fr to fr, pt to pt, and lastly sv to sv

Woo okay we now installed UberUpgrades... but its still not functional. we will need these plugins installed now.

By now you should know how to install these correctly

Tf2Items -

Tf2Attributes -

TF2ItemsInfo -

Now you have what you need to use UberUpgrades Woot. Thats how you setup an uberupgrades server.

Auther: Doctor Who

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