Mann Vs. Machine Edit

Mann Vs. Machine is an official Co-op based gamemode for TF2, where RED team must face off against many robots based on their own likenesses. Just like the actual classes, these robots have advantages and disadvantages, and one must know how to deal with each one of them and work with their team to win, while upgrading their equipment to help them achieve this goal.

Mann Vs. Machine in Uber Upgrades Edit

Mann Vs. Machine in UU extends this upgrading scheme by removing caps on most upgrades, and having upgrades scale, as well as having a lot more unique and different upgrades. Players can achieve much more money, and robots are much more powerful to counter the upgrades that players can achieve. The upgrade bench is removed, and replaced with an upgrade menu opened by typing !buy in chat or by pressing the Show Scoreboard key (Default TAB) and the Reload key (Default R) at the same time.

Robot Varieties Edit

Not every robot is built equal. Some have greater strengths and characteristics in their weapons and abilities. There exists several types of robots. As the game goes on, robots become much stronger in HP, damage output, abilities, and resistances. Robots will gain the Mark prefix, (e.g. Medic Mk.III) which increases their strength greatly.

  • Standard: No special abilities or weapons.
  • Uber: These robots are significantly stronger than their normal counterparts, though not to the extent of Boss robots.
  • Boss: Much stronger than standard and Uber robots, Boss robots appear several times a wave. Though they move slower, they have massive amounts of HP and their attacks can one-hit kill most players. They are prefixes to standard robots. (e.g. Boss- Soldier.) They can appear as traditional giant robots or scaled-up normal robots.
  • Specials: Each special robot has a unique playstyle and ability. Some of them wear cosmetic items to distinguish them from the normal robot horde. They appear as normal enemies in a wave, usually in groups. Spy robots do not appear as special robots.
  • Tank: This armored juggernaut cannot attack besides crushing enemies on walls, but it cannot be halted and it drives slowly toward the bomb pit. A tank's HP and speed are related: faster tanks don't take as many hits, but slower tanks can take unbelievable amounts of damage before falling. Some of the tanks move slower than a Brass Beast Heavy walking through molasses, but in exchange destroying them involves an entire 10-man team several minutes constantly firing away with weapons dealing thousands of damage per hit.

Special Robots and Uber RobotsEdit

This section is a work in progress.

Scouts Edit

Name Weapon Cosmetic Item(s) Notes/Special Abilities
Eric Flying Guillotine  ?

Throws cleavers that cause bleed on hit. Has cooldown period before it can attack again.

Uber Cook Flying Guillotine  ?

Throws cleavers that cause fire and bleed on hit. Has cooldown period before it can attack again.

Nowanode Scattergun or Bat  ?

High damage, high HP, high resistances. Takes very high knockback from explosives.