Nercromancer Tech is a Tech introduced in the 9.9 Alpha test update and removed a few months later during a match on cp_yukon_final when it was voted to be Turned off forever.

It returned in the v10.0 update as a reworked version

Tech Upgrades:

Skeleton Health: This wouldve boosted the Skeletons health but it ever fully functioned correctly

Skeleton Damage: This boosted the Skeletons power (Damage) to Players and Buildings.

Spawn Count: Increased number of skeletons at a time


Skeletons could enter the enemy teams spawn and not count as a spawnkill, thus no ION Cannon would be deployed.

Standing bellow the control point on nucleaus could make the skeletons become a permanet defense as they got stuck and were unkillable and unreachable.

Engineers could become a necrospawner and stay inside spawn while deploying endless ammounts of zombies


2016: Added Nerco Tech

(Unknown Time): Added a recharge for Nerco Spawn

(Unknown Time): Nerfed damage

(Unknown Time): Removed Nerco Tech by disabling them forever

Trivia: Their "Eheheuheueh" sound could be heard from any part of the map, annoying lots of players