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Hello! Welcome to nil's guide to Demoknighting in UberUpgrades. In this guide I will explain the most viable options to become a demoknight in UberUpgrades.

Overview Edit

The playstyle of demoknight in general is a lightning brusier, meaning that he can get in and out of combat with relative ease and do tons of damage with high defense. It is one of the most simple kinds of sets, and it is VERY effective if you know what you are doing.

The Weapons of a Knight Edit

The arsenal of a Demoknight isn't very important, but it still can help early game to save some money.

Primary Weapon - The Bootlegger/Ali Baba's Wee Booties Edit

These two weapons are essential to demoknighting. While the grenade launchers are nice and all, the grenade launchers are a luxury, unless if you are in very late game [>LVL 130], you simply wont have enough money to upgrade both your sword and launcher.

The boots, however, are much more practical. They allow you to instead of using the normal health upgrades, the boots allow you to have 4x as effective health bonuses, because with the Booties the prices are halved, and you get 40 each upgrade instead of the normal 20.

Not only that, but the Booties/Bootlegger can also increase the efficiency of your charge dramatically. They can allow you to have so much control over your turn that you can pull off U-turns and charge through narrow areas with sharp turns with ease. Also, you can increase the charge time and other things, but the shield's upgrades already have that, so only use the ones on these once the shield's upgrades become too expensive or capped. Speaking of the shield...

Secondary Weapon - The Chargin' Targe Edit

The Chargin' Targe has one major advantage over the other two shields: afterburn immunity is already on it. While that may seem only O.K., afterburn immunity costs a bit over $900, which can save you a lot during early game [<LVL 30]. I suggest only using the shield for two major reasons:

Armor Edit

Assuming you already know the basics of UberUpgrades, you probably know that armor usually caps at about 90% - 97%, depending on the armor type. The shield can further upgrade bullet, explosive, and a few other types of protection to get over 100% protection, which as long as you have your armor power up, will make you able to tank everything.

Mobility Edit

The charge is the demoknight's source of mobility, allowing him to move at speeds other classes merely dream of, being able to keep up with max speed upgraded classes and allowing the demoknight in PvP to be the best intel capper. Also, if the map has steep slopes you can fly by charging up them. The shield also allows you to upgrade charge regen, charge time, and same with the aforementioned Bootlegger/ABWB, which can stack with it possibly giving instantly recharging charges and a charge that lasts for an entire minute.

Melee Weapon - Any Sword You Want! Edit

This does not matter as much since every sword has only minor advantages and disadvantages. Please note that I said specifically swords, this does not count bottles or the Frying Pan. This is because swords have access to the amazing Honorbound special tweak, that allows you to regenerate all of your health each kill.

The sword is your main damage output. With it, there are a few things you should upgrade, each of them having their reasons.

Damage Upgrades Edit

Damage upgrades are key for killing people before they kill you, obviously. For damage, there are a few upgrades that will make it easier.

Damage +25% Edit

This upgrade is useful in very early game, but later becomes outclassed by Armor Piercing (More on that later). While it is cheap in the beginning, it soon becomes very expensive. In early game you should only upgrade damage to about +125% more damage, in midgame [>LVL 30, <LVL 100], you should maybe go for +400% more damage, and in very late game you can go for +800% - +1000%.

Mini-crit boost on kill for +2 seconds Edit

This upgrade is useful at any stage of the game, but I suggest stopping at about 12 - 20 seconds of mini-crit boost. This used to give crit boost, but was nerfed recently. This allows you to make a steady train of kills, and it goes great with the next upgrade...

Mini-crits become crits Edit

This upgrade allows the aforementioned Mini-crit boost to come back to its former glory, allowing you to do 3x damage whenever you kill someone for a few moments, greatly increasing your DPS (Damage Per Second to the less gaming term savvy). This upgrade is even better if you have a Jarate sniper running around throwing Jarate at people.

Armor Piercing Edit

The most powerful damage upgrade not only for Demoknight, but for arguably every class in UberUpgrades, Armor Piercing allows you to multiply your damage output at a much cheaper static price. However, it comes at a disadvantage. For the Demoknight, or almost any other melee user, attack speed must be sacrificed. However, you can go to the Remove Downgrades section of the menu to remove this speed downgrade. The price is $900 per -20% attack speed. You can upgrade the armor piercing to 225% until it caps, but you can upgrade armor pierce again once you remove the attack speed downgrade. Armor pierce may not seem that good, or just seem like a gimmicky damage boost, but it actually stacks with damage, so +125% damage sword with +300% armor pierce does on average 244 damage per hit. NOTE: Armor pierce does not actually pierce armor, it just is a multiplier for damage.

Other Upgrades Edit

These upgrades do not necessarily go into the category of damage, but all of them are unique and useful.

Honorbound! (Special Tweak) Edit

The Honorbound special tweak gives a major advantage and a completely pointless disadvantage (Unless if you are using the grenade launcher). With it, you heal back all of your health when you kill someone, and the only disadvantage is that it does not allow you to switch weapons until you score a kill. The cost to remove the weapon switch downgrade is very high, being $27000. Please remember that bottles and pans do not have this upgrade.

Attack Speed Bonus Edit

This upgrade allows you to upgrade your attack speed to up to 75% faster than the normal attack speed, allowing you to hit someone 3 - 4 times per second, increasing DPS by a lot. NOTE: this still is affected by the Armor Pierce slow downgrade, it just cancels it out a bit.

Melee range and radius Edit

These two upgrades are both a bit expensive, but help with the range of your weapon, allowing you to hit targets farther away. Melee range increases how long your swing reaches, while radius increases how wide and how high your swing hits.

Strategy for Playing Demoknight Edit

Use the charge for getting to the front lines fast, pursuing enemies, and escaping from bad situations. For example, if your armor power runs out and you are left vulnerable, try to charge away and regenerate you armor, then come back to attack again.

Use your sword to quickly ambush enemies and do large amounts of damage.

Additional Information Edit

I prefer keeping this my personal guide, but if you want, in the comments you can point out grammar errors, etc.